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Best Quality the First Time

Work with a professional, not a clerk, to get an accurate photo the first time. Visit us for your only photo, not your second attempt and hours wasted due to a rejected photo. You can also be provided with the digital by email at no charge.

We Know Lighting

A photograph is made using light. Most photos are rejected due to bad lighting. We use professional grade lights to create your photos. Work with someone that has 10+ years of experience, not 10+ minutes of training.


We can match the specifications for any country. Photo size, face size, background color, digital size, endorsements, will be correct. We custom print your photo on site and you are welcome to verify that is meets the specifications.

To request a same day appointment
call us 317-522-0366.

Services provided by Focus On Studio - Reviews

Getting a quality passport or visa photo has never been so easy

  • Over the past 8 years we have assisted hundreds of clients with ZERO rejected photos.
  • Provided passport, visa and residency photographs for countries all over the world.
  • Gurantee that your photo will be accepted or we will redo the photo.
  • If your photo is lost or damaged in the mail, we will redo it for you.
  • Photos have been redone for clients due to issues such as lost photos.
  • We have experience with clients of all ages, including infants.
List of countries for which we have done Passport or Visa photos
European Union

Great Britain

New Zealand
South Korea
United States
+ Many others







Light Setup

Our Professional Camera, Lenses and  Lighting Setup 

Their Light Setup

Their complete setup

We provide photos for Passport, Visa, Green Card, Residency Card, ID. We are located in Carmel Indiana, just north of Indianapolis.